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Close Knit Community Resources

Silence of Mary Home – Dauphin CountyServices Offered:
850 State Street, 2nd Floor
Lemoyne, PA 17043

  • A Christian home for people ranging from infanthood to elderly. 

  • Overnight shelter during the winter months at their farm.

  • Bags of food given out all year round. 

  • Coats, hats, gloves and blankets to those living in tent cities and abandoned buildings. 

  • Hygiene kits assembled and given out year round. These include toothpaste, toothbrush, washcloth, soap, deodorant, and razors.
Helping Hands Ministry – Dauphin CountyServices Offered:
1077 Oyster Mill Rd.
Camp Hill, PA 17011
  • Soup kitchen – gives out and prepares food donations from local grocers and restaurants. 

  • Warm clothes and blankets to homeless in the winter months.

  • Basic clothing necessities in the summer months.
Community CARES – Cumberland CountyServices Offered:
50 W. Penn St.
Carlisle, PA 17013

  • Coordinates and provides overnight emergency shelter year round for individuals and families.

  • Provides a day canter where residents can shower, do laundry, cook meals, make phone calls, receive mail & messages, store personal items and work regularly with Supportive Service Coordinators.

  • Acts as an entry system and walk in site by providing an onsite vulnerability assessment to ensure fair and equitable access to existing community housing and emergency services.

  • Cumberland Street Reach engages, assesses and assists those living on the streets, in encampments and/or at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

  • Mortgage assistance for those who have experienced an economic impact because of the COVID-19 pandemic and have a current mortgage loan for a housing unit located in Cumberland County PA.

  • The Cumberland County Severe Weather Action Plan (SWAP) provides shelter for individuals and families living on the streets on life threatening winter nights as resources permit. 
Project Share – Cumberland CountyServices Offered:
5 N. Orange St.
Carlisle, PA 17013

  • During the week of the third Thursday of each month, recipients can pick up a week’s worth of food (per a family of four). 

  • Volunteers deliver food to housebound households in need.

  • Project SHARE Farmstand provides fresh produce and other food items. This is available except during the week of distribution and can be visited as often as needed by anyone in need.

  • Senior Boxes are distributed during the week of distribution. These boxes are available only to those 60 years of age or older who have a household gross income of less than 130% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. 

  • “Kids in the Kitchen” and “Slice of the Month” offer nutrition education to children and adults.

  • Lunch & Learn is a program that provides a full lunch and reading and learning enrichment activities.

  • Classes, including Confidence and Finance Building class.
    Cumberland Fresh Match Dollars encourages Carlisle-area food stamp recipients to purchase foods from local farmer’s markets by matching up to $20 additional funds per week. 
White Rose Outreach – York CountyServices offered:
  • Donates baby supplies for young mothers.

  • Temporary shelter and household items for single mothers.

  • Assist with rent to avoid eviction after a crisis has derailed finances.

  • Assist with parking, gas and food during medical crises.

  • Overnight stays at motels for homeless people on winter nights. 

  • Assist homeless by supplying needs to apply for or maintain jobs.

  • Donate food, hygiene kits and other necessities to those in need.
Bell Socialization Services – York CountyServices Offered:
160 South George Street
York, PA 17401-1408

  • Employment support by matching skills and interests to jobs that need workers.

  • Group homes for people living with mental illness with Bell’s Supported Housing Program. Services include help to obtain housing, assistance with budgeting, and building basic living skills to successfully live independently.

  • Semester-type classes on life skills and socialization for those who struggle with mental health with Bell’s New Beginnings program.

  • The Oasis House is a clubhouse for peer support that operates on a work ordered day. This clubhouse helps those with a severe mental health diagnosis gain employment, education and connections with those around them. 

  • Case management, crisis assessment and intervention, individual supportive therapy, medication and prescription monitoring and substance abuse services are also available as a part of Bell’s mental health services.

    Cradled in Warmth Resources

    Morning Star Pregnancy Services – Dauphin County Services Offered:
    2509 N Front Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17110

    • Free pregnancy testing

    • Free STD testing and treatment

    • Free ultrasound exams

    • Consultation on pregnancy decisions

    • Education on abortion, such as what procedures can be done, what the negative effects may be and what other options are available 

    • Material support and can give referrals to organizations in the  community

    • After abortion help
    Carlisle Family Life Center – Cumberland County Services Offered:

    155 N Hanover St.
    Carlisle, PA 17013

    • Crisis counseling for victims of joblessness, homelessness and domestic violence.

    • Free pregnancy tests 

    • Free parenting information

    • Free adoption information

    • Free abortion information

    • A limited number of free obstetrical ultrasounds which can help determine if the baby is alive, pregnancy is ectopic, and the estimated due date for the baby.

    • A free, 8-week program called LEEM that teaches expecting mothers and their partners important skills like financial responsibility, safety and health for the mother and the child, stress management and labor.

    • Two infant receiving stations where a distressed parent who cannot care for their infant under 28 days old can give up custody as an alternative to abandonment. The baby will be put into the car of a member of the hospital medical staff as long as there is no sign of abuse, and there will be no further questions asked of the parent.
    Human Life Services – York County Services Offered:

    742 South George Street
    York, PA 17401

    • Free lab-quality pregnancy tests. 

    • Free, confidential obstetrical ultrasounds.

    • Referrals to connect those in need with valuable resources within their community.

    • Prenatal and infant care classes for expecting mothers. Attendance earns “Baby Bucks” for infant clothing and supplies.

    • Referrals for healthcare providers, WIC, housing, counseling, education, employment, and more.
      Post-abortion recovery support.

    • Parenting classes and counseling for partners of expecting mothers. There are male counselors that can assist and educate men in parenthood and the choices ahead.